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Products with a positive impact highlight a specially curated product range that will help you make waves with your brand. We’ve squeezed in amazing social enterprises, fellow B Corps and truly sustainable ranges, so you can choose with confidence and get ready to make a truly positive impact! 

"We've been partnered with Fluid Branding since early 2021 - they have helped us grow within the merchandising world not only through bringing us the right corporate clients, but also helping us finesse our corporate merchandising package. We're really looking forward to working with Fluid for years to come, we couldn't recommend them higher!" - Adam McCullough, Ocean Bottle
"It’s been a pleasure working with Fluid Branding to get our products into the hands of our dream customers. Having Fluid Branding behind, creating life changing impact for the kids we work with through the sales of our impactful power products has been a great experience." - Jeremie Warner, Power a Life

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Our brochure features a range of amazing products to help your brand give back and be part of a bigger story. From clothing and apparel that helps provide ethical jobs for disadvantaged communities, to beautifully designed water bottles that fund plastic waste collection from our oceans. Check it out today, we’ve got loads of truly meaningful merchandise ideas.

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Just some of the amazing products and the inspiring causes they support…

Tony's Chocolonely

Tony's mission is not only to make delicious chocolate bars but to campaign to make a change in the chocolate industry as a whole.

They have been striving for slave-free chocolate for the past 14 years. Aware of the challenges of trying to change the cocoa industry they’ve pledged to keep going until their mission has been accomplished.

Tony's say “As long as the chocolate industry is unequally divided, our bar will stay that way too.”

Check out their full range of products below that can be branded:

Tonys Chocolate
The Full Range
Dark chocolate
Dark Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
White Chocolate
White Chocolate


Secrid have been Dutch wallet makers since 1995. For 29 years they have merged their backgrounds in fashion and product design to create pocket-size essentials in the Netherlands with the greatest care for quality, people and the environment.

Their core principle is that the entire production and distribution chain is a way to make a positive impact on the industry and people, through local production and assembly in sheltered workshops. Made in Holland, Socially Responsible and Carbon Neutral.

Check out their full range of products.



Waterhaul makes sunglasses from collected waste fishing nets or ghost nets.

As a social enterprise, they exist to deliver their mission; to tackle ghost gear in oceans by transforming waste into a valued resource.

They also help to inspire further positive change by offering hands-on outreach workshops to educate schools and businesses about ghost nets and ocean plastics and how to recycle them into new products.

Waterhaul group
The Full Range
Fitzroy Slate
Kynance Slate
Kynance Slate
Harlyn glasses
Harlyn Slate

Lux Luz

LUX LUZ means light in Latin and Spanish, their products help to bring hope to women who find themselves in situations which can feel hopeless. It was founded in response to the inacceptable fact that 1 in 4 women in the UK are affected by domestic violence in their lifetime.

100% of their profits are given to projects supporting women affected by domestic violence or reinvested in the business

Their eco-soy scented candles and reed diffusres are handmade in London and are vegan-friendly. Check out the full range.

Lux Luz
LuxLuz diffuser
LuxLuz candles
LuxLuz candle

Power A Life

The Power a Life (PAL) range brings solar lighting to African school children who currently live off-grid, in darkness. With your support, together we can brighten all of their future opportunities!

When you buy 1 PAL power-charging product, 1 solar light is given to a child in a developing country, so that they can study at home after dark. This helps them to get better grades in school creating a brighter future within their communities. Also with every NotePAL you buy, a child in a developing country is given a free school jotter in one of PAL’s partnered schools.

Learn more about Power a Life by clicking here, or check out their range of products below:

wee pal
Wee PAL 2.0
note pal
Note PAL
Hubspot LP (1)
wee pal 3
Wee PAL 3.0 - Topography

Ocean Bottle

Sadly, 22 million kgs of plastic enter our ocean every day, and up to 80% of the world's ocean plastic comes from a lack of waste management infrastructure in coastal communities around the world. That’s where Ocean Bottle focuses its attention.

For every Ocean Bottle purchased, 11.4kg of plastic (the equivalent of over 1000 plastic bottles) will be collected, sorted, and recycled. The beautifully designed leakproof, stainless steel, insulated bottles are available in six colours inspired by the natural world around us, plus they’re 100% recyclable.

Learn more about Ocean Bottle by clicking here.

ocean bottle b corp
Browse the full range
Hubspot LP (5)
Brew 350ml
ocean bottles
500ml Ocean Bottle
Hubspot LP (4)
BIG Ocean Bottle 1 Litre

Circular & Co.

Cornish-based Circular & Co are on a mission to inspire and educate everyone on circular design, to stop waste from harming our oceans and our planet, giving single-use a second chance.

They have designed the Circular cup - the world’s first cup made from single-use cups! Even better, the amazing design allows for one-handed, 360-degree drinking, guaranteed for 10 years, dishwasher safe and fully recyclable at the end of its life - truly circular!

Check out our Circular & Co range below, or learn some more in our blog post.

Hubspot LP (3)-1
*New* Stainless Steel Travel Mugs
Circular Now Cup 12oz
Circular Now Cup 12oz
Beach waste cup
Beach Waste Cup
Circular cup 12oz
Circular Cup 12oz

Neutral Clothing

Sustainability and climate change have been making headlines left right and centre in recent times. With the clothing industry coming under fire from high profile figures like Greta Thunberg for ‘greenwashing’, it has become more important than ever for clothing brands to be able to prove that what they’re doing is actually making a positive difference.

That's where Neutral Clothing comes in. Their story encompasses the entire journey of truly sustainable clothing - from the growth of the organic cotton, right through to the management of the end-of-life product.

Read the full story of Neutral Clothing by clicking here.



Oxious is a Netherlands-based supplier producing high-quality textiles that are not only beautifully aesthetic, but also have some amazing eco credentials; they use recycled packaging, every product is made with 50% recycled material and each product saves 840L of water.

...and if that wasn't enough, they're also B-Corp certified (just like us!) and are the first company in the world to reach a sustainable AA ranking by the Global Sustainable Enterprise System. 

Check out our Oxious range by clicking here.

Circular Olive Soap
Circular Olive Soap
Wasteless Terrace Blanket
Wasteless Terrace Blanket
Harmony All Seasons Cloth
Harmony All Seasons Cloth
Bright Scarf
Bright Scarf

IMPACT Collection

Our customers need to know that when we tell them that a product is sustainable, it truly is. The IMPACT collection is a line of products that aims to make an impact on the use of water by using recycled polyesters and cotton.

When using these recycled materials we save thousands of litres of water - not only that, but with every item of the Impact Collection purchased, 2% is donated to, the global nonprofit organisation working to bring clean water and sanitation to the world.

Check out the IMPACT collection here, or learn some more in our blog post.

The IMPACT Collection
The IMPACT Collection
The IMPACT Collection
The IMPACT Collection


Iqoniq clothing is all about honesty. When your clothes are traceable, they're trustworthy - and with Iqoniq's  Aware™ technology, accessing the data linked to your clothing has never been easier. 

Iqoniq's clothing is made from 100% cotton: 50% recycled, and 50% organic, making it kind to the environment, without having to compromise on quality. What's more, Iqoniq donate 2% of their product profits to, which helps to bring safe water to communities across the globe.  

Check out the Iqoniq collection here, or find out more in our blog post.

Iqoniq Collection
Hubspot LP (3)
Hubspot LP (1)

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