14 must-have festival camping essentials

14 must have festival camping essentials

Did you know that the camping industry is set to be worth £2.9 billion by 2027? 

And last year alone, 16.7 million people dug out their tents and hooked on their caravans for some awesome camping trips (thanks ultimately to the cost of living crisis).

With camping proving more popular than ever, and with many of the best festivals requiring you to camp overnight in the great UK countryside, it’s time to get your brand seen in the great outdoors and gift your audience with must-have festival camping essentials.

If your brand is trying to reach festival-goers, gift them with products that will make them love the great outdoors, with merchandise that turns camping into glamping. 

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14-must-have brandable festival camping essentials 

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1) PAL water bottle

The PAL bottle is perfect for slipping into your camping kit for staying hydrated in the wild. And with its double-walled insulation, your drinks will be kept cold (or, hot) for up to 8 hours - THE perfect hiking or festival companion. pal water bottle

2) Big PAL 2.0 

Wherever your festival adventures take you, don’t forget your Big PAL 2.0. With its 10,000mAh capacity, you’ll never be without a quick charge for your devices, even in the wildest of places. 

big pal 2 festival

3) PAL phone stand 

Want a wee tent movie night but have only got your phone with you? Don’t sweat it, with the PAL phone stand, you can make sure your phone creates the best camping viewing experience. 


4) Wee PAL charger 

Don’t forget your Wee PAL charger when heading out to the main stage. It’ll keep your phone nice and charged whilst you enjoy your favourite band, and its small stature means it’s easy to chuck in your pocket for staying out all day.


5) Camping mug

The pal mug is double insulated and keeps hot drinks hot to the final sip, perfect for those cold summer mornings in a field. It is puncture-resistant and rust-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor adventures. 


6) Foldable loung chair

Stretch out and relax in the great outdoors with this easy foldable lounge chair. Compact and sleek, this lounge chair comes with an easy-to-fold backrest and attached shoulder straps for quick carrying, making it the perfect go-to for a relaxed outdoor lounge time. 

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7) Water and dirt-resistant picnic blanket

Camping wouldn’t be camping without a picnic blanket! We love this one as it’s water-resistant and comes in a classic tartan pattern. 10-1

8) Camping cutlery

Who says you can’t enjoy fine dining when on the road? Keep this camping cutlery handy on your travels for easy snacking whenever. 3-Jun-09-2023-10-35-21-4124-AM

9) Picnic basket for two

That romantic camping trip just got a whole lot better! This adorable picnic basket for two will complete those Instagram-worthy photos of your trip. Plus, it’s reusable, too.  8-4  

10) Hammock

Make your campsite epic with this awesome hammock! Just find your favourite spot and bam! A relaxation station wherever you pitch your tent tonight.

            festival image 1

11) BBQ gril

The ultimate camping experience isn’t complete without a BBQ! Sizzle your favourite sausages or bake those jacket potatoes with this brandable BBQ grill. Your favourite foods have never tasted so good! PAL campfire

12) Wasteless blanket

This super susainable blanket keeps you warm outside all year long, JUST what you need when camping. Made of 100% reused clothes. 2-Jun-09-2023-10-40-19-1097-AM

13) Bamboo toothbrush

Keep your teeth squeaky clean even when camping with this excellent bamboo toothbrush. 6-Jun-09-2023-10-39-03-8229-AM

14) Bag

Perfect for day trips and outdoor adventures, bring everything you need with this hiking backpack. Also, with AWARE™ tracer technology, you can trust that each bag saves 6.6 litres of water during production, and has reused 11 0.5L PET bottles. And not just that, but 2% of the proceeds of each Impact product sold will be donated to Water.org.

Impact AWARETM Hiking backpack 18L


Are you Merchella ready yet? 

With 1.2 million people in the UK going camping on a regular basis, you can’t go wrong with some great branded camping merch to see you through the summer season. 

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