10 back-to-class essentials

10 back-to-class essentials

Get your brand A* merch with our best back-to-class essentials! 

From hanging out with friends to inspiring teachers (and err, homework), we’ve all got our favourite school memories. 

And it’s time to make BRAND new ones with all the latest in back-to-school essentials. 

From primary school to university, we’re here to help your brand get top marks! 

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10 Back to Class Essentials 

Notebook with bamboo pen including stylusp773.779__b_1__443e9af137e045a980dc46cf613e5781
Be the envy of everyone in class with this eco notebook made out of natural cork with 160 pages of 80g/m2 paper. Includes a bamboo pen with a stylus tip and ballpoint.


Recyclo recycled sticky notepadMO7173_13
This multi-sized sticky note-pad collection is ideal for quick note-taking. Need to remember an exam date? No problem. Need to mark a textbook for revision? Sorted. Includes 5 x 25 sheets of different fluorescent colour sticky tabs and two sizes of repositioning sticky memo pads of 50 and 25 pages. 


Ecoset stationery set in a cotton pouchMO7755_13
Want to add a bit of pizazz to your pencil case? You can’t go wrong with this 6-piece stationery set. Includes a jute and cotton pouch, bamboo ruler, wooden sharpener, eraser, paper pencil, ball pen with cardboard barrel and blue ink.


Rotate 8GB bamboo USB flash drive12374702_F1
Keep all your most precious documents all in one safe place. This Rotate 8GB bamboo USB flash drive will allow you to transfer data to a compatible PC or MacBook, and the housing is made of pure bamboo.



Grow me grass seed paper memo blockMO6235_06
Everything you need to make memos, but with a plantable twist. 



Swiss Peak Aware anti-theft laptop backpackP763.132__S_0__6b059192c6774c7ba5e413bba38e54ee
The anti-theft back opening makes it easy to carry your tech gadgets and personal items out and about whilst feeling protected. With a laptop and tablet compartment, RFID-safe pockets, an integrated USB charging port, plus a hidden easy-access back pocket, getting from A to B has never felt safer. And, with AWARE™ tracer technology, you can be sure of the genuine use of recycled materials. Plus, each bag saves 12.4 litres of water on average and has reused 20.8 PET bottles, and 2% of the proceeds of each Aware™ product sold will be donated to Water.org.


Dovi recycled plastic lunch box11327462_DO_Y2_2
Prep your lunch the night before with our 800ml Dovi lunch box. Made of 100% recycled plastic, it’s a sustainable lunchtime replacement for those Meal Deals. Comes with an elastic band closure, keeping the lid securely in place for on-the-go snacking.


Setboo bamboo cutlery setMO9786_13
Don’t ever forget your fork again with this reusable bamboo cutlery set in a canvas pouch. Includes knife, fork and spoon. 



Xoopar Mr Bio eco-friendly cable wheat Ignite2022_20558
With the newest smartphones and tablets, students ultimately need a way to charge them all, without all the cables. That’s why the Mr Bio multi-cable is a great eco-cable solution! 


Bamboo power bank009147-011999999-3D135-LFT-PRO03-FAL (1)
Be the envy of all your classmates with this 5000 mah power bank with a casing made from 100% FSC® certified bamboo. 


Top-of-the-class merch

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