8 ways to celebrate Pride in the workplace

Is there really anything better than a rainbow glow-up?

Supporting Pride in the workplace is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all love, whilst showing support for the fantastic LGBTQIA+ community. 

With inclusivity and diversity being some of the most important factors for a happy and successful workplace, it’s time to find that rainbow workplace magic and plan some amazing Pride events for your team. 

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Why you should be celebrating Pride in the workplace

Increase inclusivity
By celebrating the LGBTQIA+ members of your team, you’ll be inclusive of everyone, regardless of their orientation. 

Consumers hold businesses accountable
And not only will you do and feel good by celebrating Pride this June, but your clients will thank you for it. If you’re genuinely inclusive, 70% of companies have reported better sales and new consumer opportunities thanks to their openness and acceptance.

Connectivity and safety 
More importantly though, if you decide to celebrate Pride in the workplace this June, you’ll be sending the message to everyone (internally and externally) that you are a safe place to work for those in the LGBTQIA+ community.  

Remembering the past 
We have to remember that Pride isn’t just about celebrating the present community but it’s also for remembering past struggles. It’s important not to forget how far we’ve come in our inclusivity journey. By celebrating Pride in the workplace, you’re allowing an open discussion of remembrance.

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8 ideas for celebrating Pride in the workplace

1. Organise a charity fundraiser for an LGBTQIA+ charity
Hop into your rainbow gym gear and grab those running shoes, it’s time to raise money for your favourite LGBTQIA+ charity. Perfect for getting the team together at lunchtime. 

LGBTQIA+ charities to donate to:

Families Together London
Mind Out

2. Host an inclusion workshop 
It’s always good to keep up to date with your inclusivity policies and make sure your whole company are aware, too. Inclusion workshops are great at bringing people together for progressive and enlightening discussions. 

3. Evaluate your discrimination & diversity policies  
If you feel your discrimination & diversity policies need a revamp, it may be time to evaluate and refresh them. 

4. Decorate your office  
Turn your workspace into a magical rainbow paradise! The more colourful, the better. Everyone will love getting hands-on and turning their space into a Pride celebration. Why not hold a competition for the best-decorated room? 

5. Pride promotional products  
From our mesmerising selection of rainbow goodies to snacks, bunting and more, we’ve got you covered when it comes to celebrating Pride 2023.

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6. Hire an LGBTQIA+ speaker  
An important, educational and fascinating way to spend an afternoon. Invite an LGBTQIA+ speaker to your workplace or hold a virtual conference to enlighten your team. 

7. LGBTQIA+ lunch and learn  
Sometimes, having a dedicated lunchtime to discuss LGBTQ+ issues is the best way to engage your team in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Give your team the opportunity to learn more, together. 

8. Online book club celebrating LGBTQIA+ authors   
If you have internal work clubs, why not hold a themed meeting for Pride? This is especially great if you have an online book club where you can read and celebrate amazing LGBTQIA+ authors. 

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Celebrate Pride with magical merchandise

How will you be celebrating Pride in the workplace this year? 

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