A deep dive into what's new with Ocean Bottle

A deep dive into what's new with Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle stop plastic pollution at its source. 

And they’ve been up to A LOT since we last caught up with them. 

From releasing NEW bottles with exciting trending colour ranges to making some meaningful ocean-saving impact along the way. 

Ocean Bottle is a bottle your brand can be proud of. 

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Who are Ocean Bottle again? 

Ocean Bottle are plastic-fighting superheroes removing ocean-bound plastic with every purchase, and we can’t get enough of them. 

Ocean Bottle aims to end plastic pollution in our oceans. With 22 million kgs of plastic entering our oceans every day, it’s estimated that by 2030 the weight of plastic in our oceans will double. 

That’s why for every Ocean Bottle you purchase, 11.4kg of plastic (the equivalent of 1,000 plastic bottles) will be collected, sorted, and recycled! Meaning they’ll no longer end up in our oceans. 


Buy 1, collect 1,000

So, every time you purchase just one ocean bottle, it funds the collection of plastic equivalent to x 1,000 bottles. 


Read more: Here’s why we love Ocean Bottle 



What’s new with Fluid & Ocean Bottle


Fluid x Ocean Bottle impact update 

To start, we wanted to share with you our Fluix x Ocean Bottle impact since we started working together. 

With your help, Ocean Bottle on behalf of Fluid has collected an amazing 17,886,955 ocean-bound plastic bottles! 




That’s a mind-boggling amount of bottles! 

Collected from 4 different areas across India (Chennai, Kumta, Puducherry and Mangalore), our collection with Ocean Bottle is 100% PET collection - 203,339kg to be precise. 

That’s the same weight as 16.074 double-decker buses. 

That’s the same length of 39,043.57 Statues of Liberty stacked on top of each other. 



And we couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks so much for making our mission of Meaningful Merchandise a reality. 


What’s new with Ocean Bottle 


The Big Bottle 

If you want a bit more bam for your plastic bottle collecting buck, Ocean Bottle have now released a BIG one-litre Ocean Bottle. It still has all the amazing perks of the original, just, well, larger! 

Check it out: The BIG Ocean Bottle 



Meet Meta Tropical: Ocean Bottle’s new colour range 

Inspired by the world below water, Ocean Bottle have seriously splashed out with this year’s new colour range. 

From a bright citrus reef yellow to an aquamarine blue, these colours will add a burst of summer fun to your marketing campaign. 

Contact us here for more info! 



Go Bottle 

For drinking on the move! The built-in silicone straw is perfect for easy hydration whilst you’re out and about on your adventures. 

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Need something with a bit more… oompf? 

Have you met Ocean Bottle’s Brew coffee flask yet? With all the plastic-preventing joy of their water bottles, you can now enjoy that feel-good feeling with your morning brew. 

Check it out: Ocean Bottle’s Brew Bottle 



And don’t forget The OG 

We couldn’t mention Ocean Bottle without a quick little shoutout to their OG classic bottle. 

From collecting 11.4kgs of plastic with every purchase to helping to improve social mobility all over the world, Ocean Bottle’s 500ml bottle isn’t just any bottle, it’s “hydration with a heart”.

They serve as a constant reminder of your commitment to protecting our ocean. Whether gifting employees, friends of the brand, or VIPs, Ocean Bottles make the ultimate lifetime gift. 

Ocean Bottle's award-winning flawless design makes it the perfect companion to avoid single-use plastic every day, forever. 

You can’t get better than that! 

Check it out: The OG Ocean Bottle 



Make waves with Ocean Bottle 

From some amazing new products to the astonishing impact we’ve made together so far, it’s time to make big, beautiful impactful waves with your brand and Ocean Bottle. 

Why not make a difference and do more with your merch? 

Download your FREE Products with a Positive Impact brochure now, or have a chat with one of our expert merchandise consultants today. 


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