Here’s why we love Tranquil Plants

Ever wondered if you could do more with your promotional plants?

Well, now you can with Tranquil Plants! 

One of the best suppliers of bonsai-style home and garden gifts, they’re perfect for making that green brand impact, with a twist. 

Tranquil Plants pride themselves on how easy their plants are to care for - which means they can be used for a whole bunch of awesome merchandise campaigns. From gifts to trophies, these luxury leafy friends will give your next campaign the wow factor it deserves. 

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Who are Tranquil Plants? 

Stefan Thomas, the founder of Tranquil Plants, can trace back his love of these growable goodies to when he was a child, watching his father build 13 tropical houses in Australia. 

When founded Tranquil Plants a few years later, he was inspired by the fact that the Japanese method of Kokedama used art instead of pots to grow their plants, whilst still looking beautiful. 

The more he experimented with Kokedama plants in his bathtub (yep, bathtub), he realised just how easy they were to take care of. 

Tranquil Plants are now the UK’s top Kokedama specialists, a specialised form of bonsai tree art. These aren’t your typical bonsais and ferns, because they are in fact, round! tranquil plant blog 3

What’s Kokedama? 

Kokedama translates to ‘moss ball’. The plants are grown rooted in soil, with their roots covered in a layer of natural moss or coco fibre which is then bound with thread to make them round. 

Similar to the Japanese tradition of ‘wabi-sabi’ (where you appreciate the beauty of imperfections), Kokedama is about appreciating the natural growth and structure of the plants. Often referred to as Japanese string gardens, the plants can hang easily in any space creating a uniquely calming atmosphere. 


What’s Tranquil Plants’ mission?

Tranquil Plants are here to shake up your promotional plants. They want to bring the virtues of nature into your home and office, whilst promoting a cleaner and purer environment, for us and the planet.

“Whilst we will always continue to do our best to help the planet thrive in these trying times, the true power lies in the hands of individuals like yourself who are doing more than we could ever do for the environment by choosing to support independent and ethical businesses”

Tranquil Plants

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Our favourites from Tranquil Plants

1. Shaped Chinese elm Bonsai Kokedama 
One of our most popular Bonsai Kokedama! 
Approximately a 10-12 year-old Bonsai tree, this is the classic plant gift. Promoting peace and calm, it's easy to maintain and a great starter bonsai tree. 

2. Birds nest fern moss kokedama
This fern has the wonderful quality of being a “Fresh Air” plant that takes in CO2 and gives out oxygen! And the good news: it’s one of the hardiest plants in our Kokedama range. 

3. Palm moss kokedama 
Add that tropical pizazz to any living space with our Palm Moss Kokedama.

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Why we love tranquil plants

1. They’re easy to care for
Unlike other plants, all you need to do is weigh your plant to determine when it needs water. If it’s light, then give it a quick spritz - and that’s it! 

Then every 6-9 days, submerge the whole moss ball in water for 5 minutes until the bubbling stops, then lightly squeeze the moss ball and leave it to drain for 5 minutes. 

And voila! A happy healthy plant. 

2. They make great gifts
Their unique look and easy-to-care-for instructions mean they make a great gift, whatever your campaign. Use them as awards at ceremonies, as thank-you gifts, or even as an add-on to your new starter packs - their versatility makes them a great promotional product. 

3. They promote positive mental health 
The very act of caring for a plant promotes mindfulness, which is great at boosting your mental health. Plants offer that respite from the toils of daily life; time to take a breath, and just be when you’re caring for them. 

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4. They’re sustainable
It’s not just that Tranquil Plants look lovely, but they’re sustainable, too. 

Your delivery will arrive in a 100% FSC-sourced box, with 98% eco-friendly packaging. 
The plants are 80% peat-free, however, they are aiming to make this 100% by 2024. 
They’re working towards becoming a Carbon Neutral company, 
Tranquil Plants supports climate-positive charities such as Water Aid and tree planting organisations such as Woodland Trust and International Tree Foundation.

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5. They can be branded 
 A lovely wooden plaque can be engraved with your logo and then applied to the plant for a great finish. Plus, if you want the plants personalised, you can have individual custom cards added to the delivery. 

6. They’re unique 
There really is nothing like a Tranquil Plant. Their unique, eye-catching appearance makes a great brand stance. Their eco-friendly and green credentials add that extra element of planet positivity to your gifting campaign. 


Lovely leafy merch ideas

It’s time to think GREEN with Tranquil Plants for that ultimate brand growth strategy. 

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