Welcome to the jungle: 12 benefits of promotional plants

12 benefits of promotional plants

Looking for that ultimate brand growth strategy? 

We’re all about keeping things green and leafy when it comes to growing your campaigns with merchandise, and you can’t do any better than a promotional plant for making your brand shine. 

And what’s even better is that everyone loves a plant. From Gen X to Gen Z, by incorporating plants into your next marketing campaign, you’re sure to set down roots with fantastic new and old clients alike. 

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12 benefits of promotional plants


1. Positive brand awareness

Have you ever known anyone to receive a plant and not smile? They’re cute and colourful, but most importantly, they spread a positive message about your brand: that you care. You really can’t go wrong with choosing them to rep your brand.


2. Increase productivity and creativity 

It’s been proven that productivity can grow by at least 15% if there are plants scattered around the office, and having approximately 1 houseplant per metre has been shown to improve memory retention - perfect for reciting presentations from scratch. 


3. Growing social media presence

Plant sales have risen by 50% over the last 3 years, and that’s mainly to do with their rise in popularity on social media. With the love of all things green sprouting up online, your brand could be shared far and wide all thanks to your humble desk plant.


4. Great mental health benefits

The very act of caring for a plant promotes mindfulness, which is great at boosting your mental health. 

Plants offer that respite from the toils of daily life; time to take a breath, and just be when you’re caring for them. 

Plants with broad leaves are seen to improve mental health as seeing their bright, amazing greenery every day makes us feel more calm and relaxed. 


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5. Improve your morning routine

Having a great morning routine can make all the difference before your workday even begins. Groups such as Win the Morning, Win the Day encourage you to have morning rituals that add meaning to your routine. It’s not about accomplishing more in your day, rather it’s about having the best positive start possible. And what better way to start your day with a bit of plant TLC?


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6. Reconnect with nature and feel less lonely

Having your own plant can help you reconnect with nature from the comfort of your own home. Studies have shown that feelings of loneliness can fall by 28% when you immerse yourself in nature, so a promotional plant can help you still reap those benefits from indoors.


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7. Aesthetically pleasing workspace

A study found that out of 2,000 adults, 40% agreed that the perfect work environment included plants. Why not make one of those plants, yours? 


8. They make great gifts

Plants make such a thoughtful gift, and often their perceived value extends way beyond their price tag. They show you’ve truly thought about the recipient. Our selection of herbs would be a great moving-in gift, for example, or for those that love cooking


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9. Perfect for classrooms 

Having plants in the classroom has been shown to boost the learning potential of students, and I mean, who wouldn’t love a maths room with a money plant in it? Check out these grow pots for kids. 


10. Happier teams

By using seeds in your next campaign, your brand will become synonymous with everyone’s favourite daily activity: looking after their plant. Indoor plants have also been recorded as removing up to 87% of toxins in the air in 24 hours. In a busy, crowded office, this can make all the difference for a better working environment and a happier team. 


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11. Save the bees

According to the IUCN list, as many as 24% of Europe’s bumblebee species are now threatened with extinction. We can help them by growing more plants that bees love. Check out our bee-friendly seed balls for a gift that’s sure to create a buzz in the office. 


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12. Environmentally friendly

Plants are also great for the environment as they leave minimal to no waste. 

We love these plants with their biodegradable pots, or how about these amazing pencils and notebooks you can plant? Once you’re done with your grow notebook or sprout pencil, you just need to plant them in your garden and watch them grow.


Nurture your brand with plants 

It’s time to nurture your brand with all things green and leafy for that ultimate brand growth strategy. 

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