Are you ready to grow beyond this spring? *With FREE download*

Is there anything more exciting than getting a new plant?

With our leafy companions proving more popular than ever, it’s time to infuse a bit of horticultural fun into your next marketing campaign!

Add some wilderness with wildflower seed balls. Or, make a point with a prickly cactus.

From making an impact with instant gardens to seedling postcards delivered straight to your door, there really is a plant for every occasion. 

Sow the seeds of your next campaign and start growing your brand today!


Grow beyond with these 7 plant ideas


1. Seedball matchboxSeedball matchbox

How cute are these little matchboxes?! Fully brandable and made from 100% recycled cardboard, these awesome little matchboxes contain 6 seed balls. These are a super simple way to grow plants from seed as the ball design naturally protects them from common seed predators - we’re looking at you, Mr Robin!



2.Sprout pencil Sprout | Pencil in a personalised single packaging

These aren’t your average, ordinary pencils. Oh no, these are pencils that can be planted. It’s time to spread a green message with your promotional pencil.



3. Herb potsFlowerpot terracotta 3 herb pot set

Always wanted to grow fresh herbs? Well, now’s your chance. With our set of 3 clay terracotta pots with 3 herbs (mint, parsley and basil), starting your first herb garden has never been easier. Plus, these are all great herbs for those who love to cook. 



4.Bookmark Pine tree bookmark - Growtree collection

Charming and useful, these pine tree bookmarks are a great gift for any book lover with green-fingered prowess. Includes pine seeds (pinus nigra) which will grow into the perfect pine tree. 



5. WristbandsSeeded paper wristbands

This has to be one of our most favourite products ever! What do you do with your old event wristbands? Well, with these seeded paper wristbands, you can now plant them after the event and grow your very own miniature wildflower meadow!



6.65 Plant It paper business cards

These have to be one of our most popular business card ideas yet! Plant It paper business cards are great for incorporating some green fun into your brand.



7. 66Seedsticks®

Unique, customisable, and memorable. Seedsticks are iconic in the plant merch world. They look like a traditional book of matches, but they ignite your imagination instead. The seeds are attached to biodegradable sticks using natural glue, which is very eco-friendly. 



Grow beyond this spring

If you’d like to find out other amazing ways to grow your brand this spring, check out our Living Promotions brochure full of amazing green-fingered inspiration, or get in touch today for your free consultation with one of our Merchandise Consultants.  

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