Can Customer Reviews Help Your Business?


Selecting the right product for your brand or promotional campaign is a really important decision and it can be a minefield! So, can customer reviews really help your business?

  • Is the product relevant for my business, brand or campaign?
  • Does the product fit my budget?
  • How will my brand look on the product?

With these and so many more questions to consider it’s easy to forget about the actual product and if it’s going to be the exact fit for your brand. Finding out what other customers like or dislike about a product is a key factor in the purchasing decision of all most everything!

It certainly works for customers that use Amazon, who reported a 27% sales increase in its most recent quarter.

The way in which the online retailer heavily features customer reviews and recommendations is almost certainly a contributing factor to this impressive increase.

This is also backed up by The Nielsen company who highlighted that “83% of consumers take action because of trusted recommendations”, and “92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth more than all other forms of advertising”.

It seems that consumers are looking for ways of making quick and easy purchasing decisions based on the recommendations of others.

To help our customers make the perfect promotional choice for their brand, Fluid Branding use the global ratings and review platform Feefo. They provide genuine customer and product reviews, and with an average service rating of between 95% and 100%, we’re Gold Trusted Merchants!

We tell you exactly what our customers think about our products, and to help you out even more, we’ve complied this list of our most reviewed products.

Cotton Shopper Bag

Cotton Shopper Bag

A5 Mole Notebook

A5 mole

Twister USB

Twister USB Memory Stick

Marrow Mug

Marrow Mug


12inch Latex Balloons

Tutti Fruitti Infuser Bottle

Tutti-Frutti 740 ml Tritan Infuser Sport Bottle

Metal name badges with clear dome finish

Real metal name badges with clear dome finish

20mm Dye Sublimation Lanyard

20mm Dye Sublimation Lanyard

Curvy Ballpen

Curvy Ballpoint Pen

So, when you’re searching for that perfect promotional product we help you by showing you reviews and recommendations from other customers to ensure that you get that perfect product simply, easily and with no fuss.

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