Don’t panic! Check out these 7 seasonal gifting secrets for branding success

Seasonal gifting for your brand

We understand that planning your seasonal gifting might be a daunting task. But, don’t panic! Here are our secrets to making the gifting season run as smoothly as possible.

We’re a big believer in the power of gifts, and with the holiday season fast approaching that all-important job of organising the seasonal end-of-year presents may start to send a chill down your spine (and one that’s not due to the colder weather). 

We understand that planning your seasonal gifting might be a daunting task. But, don’t panic! That’s why we’ve put together a list of some helpful tips and pointers to make your promo gifting season go as smoothly as possible, helping you to rekindle that warm, fuzzy (stress-free) feeling that comes with giving gifts that everybody loves. 

1) Make a note of important dates 

Sometimes, it’s surprising how early some deadlines are in the merchandise world. Take our favourite advent calendars, for example. The deadline for ordering these is usually in October. So, whilst you're carving your pumpkins and watching your favourite scary movies, the deadline for ordering your office advent calendars is fast approaching. 

Traditional 'A4' Promotional Advent Calendarmain product photo2128301.jpg

Keep track of your ordering deadlines!

That being said, deadlines all depend on when you want gifts to land with recipients, so it’s good to make a note of this to avoid any panic. We’ve found a handy notepad like this 100% recycled one that is perfect for keeping those dates at the forefront of your mind.  

2) Start planning EARLY 

It's never too early to start planning when it comes to seasonal gifts. Your future self will thank you for starting before November! Start planning as soon as possible to account for any stock delays or longer-than-average lead times to avoid disappointment. A great tip is to make a note of when you want gifts to arrive, and plan backwards from there. 

3) Have a complete campaign idea 

Knowing who, what, when and where when it comes to seasonal gifting can make all the difference between a successful campaign and one that leaves people feeling slightly grinchy. 

Surprise Set Of 3 Christmas Gift Boxesmain product photoChocolate Xmas Card

Get your gifting all wrapped up!

Gifting is one of the easiest ways to add value to a campaign. Knowing what you want to achieve with your chosen items, whether it’s to generate future leads or to bolster a relationship, means that you can tailor your ideas to get the best results. 

4) Secretly listen to your team…

Or clients, or prospects. If you listen closely to your intended recipients, you’re bound to hear some perfect gifting ideas. It’s those little snippets of conversation that make your gifts stand out.

For example, if someone is an eager golfer in their spare time, then branded golf balls might be just what they’re looking for. Knowing your audience and who you’re gifting to can add that extra special touch to your gift, making you more memorable (in a good way). 

5) Practice mindful gifting & make conscious choices 

Did you know that over one million tons of rubbish is added to landfills each week thanks to extra bows, bags and other holiday materials during the holiday season? By practising mindful gifting and getting a gift that people will actually use, you’ll lower the amount of waste your campaign produces.

Bespoke Christmas JumperCircular Cup 8ozFairtrade & Organic Cotton Classic Beanie

Gifts that give to people and the planet!

Also, making conscious choices ultimately magnifies your brand message. The story behind your chosen items is just as important as the item itself. Creating a positive impact with the stories you tell has never been easier - check out our favourites here

6) Personalisation is perfection

We love to receive a personalised gift. It’s been reported that recipients are 33% more likely to feel connected to a brand when they receive a memorable gift. Personalisation is that extra added value that helps to take relationships to the next level, and it’s never been easier to do than with personalised merch.

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Get creative with personalisation!

We love the idea of personalised water bottles, as they go down a real treat in and outside the office. 

7) Consider subtle branding - it makes a big impact 

Some of the biggest brand names in the world are those that keep things simple. Think, Apple. 

Simple doesn’t always mean boring, and when it comes to gifting, subtle branding may help with the longevity of your gift. Recipients are more likely to keep an item that’s more muted in its message than something that’s too vibrant. The perceived value of the gift also increases due to associations with high-end branding techniques. Win, win. 

Meaningful gifts set your brand apart 

With our seven secret gifting tips, tackling your end-of-year gifting campaign has never been easier. If you’re struggling for some gifting ideas, why not check out our favourite gifting packs? Or, how about getting in touch so we can brainstorm with you? 

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