Isn’t it time clothing was honest? Introducing Iqoniq

Introducing Iqoniq - clothing that is traceable, that you can trust.

Isn’t it time to wear clothing you can believe in? Clothing with a story, one you’re proud of?

We love that the clothing industry is changing for the better, with clothing becoming more honest than ever. 

Honest, and factual
Honest, and transparent. 
Honest, and affordable

Clothing that's traceable, that you can trust. Clothing that makes you want to roll up your sleeves and share how proud you are about the shirt on your back.

We love clothing with a feel-good story. Now, thanks to Iqoniq, we can share that story with you! 

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Introducing Iqoniq

This new range is all about backing up claims with hard and fast facts, ones that are easily accessible to all. Iqoniq is all about providing you with the confidence to know exactly what your t-shirt is made from, plus where it’s come from, and the environmental impact your garment has had (at every stage of its life!). 

It’s about sharing your product’s story, so you can be comfortable in what you’re wearing, and trusting what you’re sharing with others is 100% true, with no hidden surprises. 

That’s why we’re so excited to share Iqoniq’s range with you: a selection of beautifully crafted, clothing items that are sure to elevate your brand to whole new levels of comfort. 

Made from 100% cotton

It's cosy clothing, doing more. Made from 50% recycled cotton, and 50% organic, Iqoniq blends the fibres together to create unique designs of muted colours with a big impact. 

Why a blend? Because fibres, generated from the recycling process of cotton waste, are too short and not strong enough on their own. We mix recycled cotton fibres with high-quality organic cotton to enhance the yarn strength, ensuring better fabric quality.

It’s stylish and cosy clothing, at its best. 

raw cotton

You can trust Aware™ technology

We’ve partnered with Aware™ to ensure that all claims made are backed up with facts.

Aware™ is a traceability platform that allows you to track and validate the data linked to your clothing. From origin to you, you’ll see your item’s entire journey.

And it’s easy and accessible to access this data. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the label of your product, and you’ll be able to access the Aware™ Virtual ID.

image (1)

This will show you all the information that’s ever been associated with your product. From source to your shoulders, you’ll be able to know, and trust, what you’re wearing. 

Make choosing what you wear a whole lot easier. 

Check your Digital Product Passport

Apparel with proof. The Aware™ Virtual ID gives you complete transparency and the facts behind your choices, so you’ll never be left in the dark again when it comes to what you’re wearing or choosing for your brand.Iqoniq Blog Header

Invest in water

From every purchase of Iqoniq clothing, 2% of product proceeds will be donated to

This is a global non-profit organisation that is working to bring water and sanitation to the whole world. Shockingly, 771 million people across the globe still lack access to safe water, but with the Iqoniq range, you’ll be helping to invest in water and change lives for the better. 

Be the change with Iqoniq.


Are you Iqoniq?

From t-shirts to sweatshirts and joggers, Iqoniq is all about comfort. Perfect for both your WFH attire or weekend lounging, what sets this range apart (apart from its obvious amazing credentials) is its array of colours (that play on current trends) that have massive branding potential.

Iqoniq Colour Palette

With three main colour pallets to choose from (undyed heather colours, essential dyed colours, and seasonal colours), you can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect set to match your brand and bring your ideas to life. 

Undyed heather: This range is made from undyed cotton, with different colours created through the blending of recycled cotton with undyed cotton. This creates a natural heather mélange effect that is simply breathtaking. 

Iqoniq heather colours

Essential dyed: These are the perfect basics. With a colour palette that pops, you’ll fall in love with this range. 

Iqoniq essentials colours

Seasonal: These colours are striking! And the good news - they’re currently trending. It’s time to bring your brand up to speed and create the loungewear of your dreams.

Iqoniq seasonal colours

It’s time to be proud of what you wear 

Iqoniq’s mission is simple: to inspire. 

To inspire the clothing industry to become more and do more.
To inspire informed decisions, with traceability and truth at its core. 
To inspire you to be proud of what you wear. 

At Fluid, we’re all about sharing meaningful merchandise that tells your story. Merchandise that inspires you to explore your brand in new, monumental ways. 

Get in touch now if you’d like to find out more about our new clothing range to do just that. 

We can’t wait to hear your story! 

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