Here’s why we love Oxious

here's why we love Oxious

We love brands that are not only amazing on paper but have a real impact, too. 

Welcome, Oxious! 

Oxious is a relatively new brand partnership for us, and one we’re super excited to share with you! Your search for the best textiles brand ever is over; Oxious are here to meet all your merchandise needs.

Hailing from the deepest depths of the gorgeous Netherlands, Oxious provide high-quality textiles that are not only beautifully aesthetic but also have some amazing sustainable credentials, too. They use recycled packaging, every product is made with 50% recycled material and each product saves 840L of water.

...and if that wasn't enough, they're also B Corp certified (just like us!) and are the first company in the world to reach a sustainable AA ranking by the Global Sustainable Enterprise System.

With amazing products and an awe-inspiring story behind the brand, Oxious aligns perfectly with our goal of providing you with meaningful merchandise.


Who are Oxious?

Oxious might be small in business standards, but they’re making big changes in the textile industry and for all the right reasons. 

‘Oxious’ comes from combining both the words ‘oxygen’ and ‘consciousness’, embodying the core message behind the brand. They make everyday essentials, with sustainability at the core of everything they do. They are conscious of the effects every decision they make has. 

Through their products, they want to spread the message that by acting together, they can change the world. 


Oxious’ mission

Oxious’ studio is situated in the small village of Kızılcabölük, Turkey. The area is renowned for its gender inequality, with Turkey ranked as one of the lowest countries in the world when it comes to gender parity. The Oxious team, determined to make changes for the better, decided to take matters into their own hands. Welcome to the Oxious Women’s Project

Oxious Women’s Project

In the beginning, only three women responded to work within the Oxious studio. They arrived quiet and insecure, their husbands by their side. They were isolated, poor, and with low quality of life. 

But now, thanks to working in a supportive environment, Oxious’ growing team of women has grown in confidence, get paid fair wages, and has access to their well-deserved worker rights. They’re able to learn new technical skills and socialise, and two women have even passed their driving tests (making them the first women in their village to do so)!

Oxious are enabling women to not only survive but thrive.


Our favourites from Oxious

We love Oxious and what they stand for, and we want to share with you our favourite picks from their excellent selection. From keeping warm to self-care, Oxious provide the very best in sustainable home living

1. Circular soap
Feel squeaky clean with this 100% circular soap. It’s made from leftovers from soap production, as well as olive oil that’s past its expiry date. The olive oil is no longer suitable for eating, but excellent for cleaning. And did we mention it's handmade in the Netherlands? Eco-friendly AND a bestseller
oxious soap-1

2. Wasteless terrace blanket
This super sustainable blanket keeps you warm outside, all year long! Enjoy a cold winter’s day, or extend the beautiful summer evenings. Made of 100% reused clothes

3. Bright scarf
Bright is a soft, timeless scarf with a classic herringbone pattern. It’s unisex, in neutral colours, that invites you to enjoy the outdoors, even in the colder months. 

This scarf is made by women in Oxious’ small workshop in Turkey and is created from recycled textiles combined with soft, natural, unbleached cotton.

4. Harmony all seasons cloth
Beautiful as a shawl, a blanket on the sofa, or as a luxurious (hammam) cloth. This multi-purpose Harmony is a soft and stylish fabric. The cloth is handmade by women in Oxious’ workshop and consists of recycled textiles, combined with soft unbleached cotton. The name ‘Harmony’ symbolizes the harmony between man and nature.

Why we love Oxious

We don’t just love Oxious’ products, we love what they do behind the scenes, too. From trying to make as little impact on the environment as possible to donating a percentage of their revenue to worthy causes; Oxious aren’t just making great products, they’re doing good, too. 

1. They help the women that work for them FIRST
For Oxious, it’s all about bettering the lives of the women who work for them. So much so, they’ve even helped two learn to drive! Talk about making a big impactoxious-leading-image

2. They donate a percentage of their revenue
In the last 2 years, Oxious have donated up to 6% of their revenue to different charities. See all the good things they do

3. They’re the no.1 textile company in the world according to B Corp 
Oxious are meeting and exceeding the highest standards of social and environmental impact. They’ve scored a superb score of 173.0 with B Corp, which makes them the highest-scoring textiles company… ever.Oxious-Landing-Page---BRIGHT-Scarf

4. They’re zero waste
Oxious want to make as little impact as possible on the environment. They reuse their waste fabrics. Towels with weaving errors are given to partners to give them a new purpose. They are champions of aiming for a circular economy, which we absolutely love. 

5. They’re constantly trying to reduce their impact on the environment. 
From their packaging being made from recycled agricultural waste and recycled cardboard to using up to 50% recycled textile waste as raw material, Oxious are saving water and making a difference

6. They plant trees!
Oxious understand that there has to be balance when it comes to business. That’s why, to compensate for the CO2 which is inevitably emitted from transporting their products, they donate to Trees for all - an organization that plants new trees and protects our rainforests. We especially love this as it echoes our #ATreeWithEveryOrder campaign.


The Oxious way

Oxious believe in transparency, and so do we. 

They are 100% transparent about their processes and their impact on people and the planet. 

Their ultimate goal: to make high-quality products that make people happy, according to the highest environmental, social, and ethical standards. 

Their aim: to be a leading source of inspiration for others to take action, and together, accelerate the movement toward a more sustainable economy.

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