You're helping Kenya’s last tropical rainforest

Because going beyond isn’t just for B Corp Month. 

It’s about switching things up to make a BIG difference. 

It’s about working together to find new ways to bring about change. 

That’s what being a Certified B Corp is all about. 

And that’s why we wanted to share with you one of the projects we’ve been working on behind the scenes that wouldn’t have been possible without, well, you! 

So you can see what amazing things we can achieve when we work together. *High-five* 

Kenya’s last tropical rainforest

You probably wouldn’t associate tropical rainforests with Kenya. But, once upon a time, large, lush rainforests stretched across the whole of Central Africa. A beautifully thick ecosystem that was full of all sorts of life.

And now, sadly, the last remnant of this once-great rainforest is Kenya’s Kakamega forest.

Just northwest of Africa’s capital Nairobi, the forest covers approximately 238 square km and is home to an array of different species, where between 10-20% of the species are nationally unique.

 Amazingly, endangered African grey parrots roost here, as well as 9 other bird species that cannot be found anywhere else. 

And it’s not just a great habitat for birds, but also for butterflies, monkeys and frogs. 

Walking through the forest is an experience like no other, and one that might soon disappear thanks to deforestation. 


Deforestation threat

Due to deforestation in the late 20th and 21st centuries, Kenya’s Kakamega forest didn’t escape the industrial onslaught scouring forests at the time, and much of it was felled for tea plantations. 

The local people realised the forest needs to be protected, but with a lack of other income avenues, it was difficult for them to find alternative livelihoods.

The Internation Tree Foundation

Due to the threat of losing even more forest, the Internation Tree Foundation (or, ITF) aim to restore and conserve what’s left of Kenya’s Kakamega forest

Better known as forest stewardship, their aim is to replant African wild tree species and engage communities in their efforts to restore and protect the forest. So far, over 5,000 local community members have been involved in helping to gain traction for the reforestation project - an amazing feat! 

The project is mainly focused on the Illoro forest block of Kakamega, where the rehabilitation of the forest is focused on working with locals to optimise forest planting and conservation efforts, as well as improve the community's livelihoods. 

The long-term aims of the project: gender empowerment, education and community engagement. 

Also, to restore 100 hectares of endangered rainforest.


How you’re helping Kenya’s Kakamega forest

Thanks to our #ATreeWithEveryOrder initiative, by partnering with Ecologi and ITF, you’ve helped to plant over 500 trees in support of this amazing project! 

That’s 500 more trees towards their ultimate goal of 10,000, with communities being taught how best to care for their indigenous tree seedlings so they have the best survival rate possible. 

You’re also helping to empower advocacy workshops to rally public participation in forest protection, enabling local Community Forest Associations (CFAs) to take leadership in forest management and protection. This is helping communities to find other ways to earn livelihoods from within the forest without harming it. 

Also, ITF has now partnered up with WWANC (Women in Water and Natural Resource Conservation) to encourage women's leadership and girl-child mentorship, with women establishing their own tree nurseries to diversify their income sources. 
Just 6 months into this project, women are reporting that they can now put food on the table, and are being respected by their husbands, thanks in part, to your help. 

Inspiring others to be better and be more

Because we go beyond for our community. Whether that’s our next-door neighbour, colleague, or forest heroes in Africa, we want to inspire others to be better and achieve more, and feel supported.2023-blog-pictures-_5_-1

By working together, we can rebuild entire ecosystems. How awesome is that?! We can save species and help communities thrive. It’s never too late to make a difference. 

We all play a vital role in saving this floating rock we call home, and only by working together can we achieve more. Check out how we’ve been helping mangroves, too. 

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