2023’s top trending sustainable products

2023’s top trending sustainable products

We’ve got everything you need to make your next campaign the best one yet! 

We’ve always been on the pulse of the next big thing, of everything that you’re LOVING so far this year. 

And you’ve been ordering some pretty fantastic sustainable promotional products in 2023. 

From the classic cotton tote to plantable business cards and bottles, we’ve got all the top trending sustainable product media you’ll ever need for 2023.  

Whatever your next campaign is, these promotional products are guaranteed to hit the spot every time. 

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2023’s top trending sustainable products 

Bestselling eco-friendly bags


1) Cotton shopper bag

You really can’t go wrong with this trending cotton shopper. It’s eco-friendly with a great branding area, plus it’s one of our special fast-track items (meaning you’ll get it super speedily). 


2) Seabrook 5oz recycled cotton tote94-14869_red

The story behind this bag is awesome! No wonder it’s a bestseller this year. The fabric used to manufacture it is 60% recycled blended with 40% rPET polyester, which is a recycled fabric made from plastic bottles! You’d literally be carrying your water bottle in an old bottle (but… it’s a bag). Mindblowing. 


Most popular recycled stationery 


3) Honua A5 recycled paper notebook with recycled PET cove

With a cover made from rPET, this recycled paper notebook is coming in hot this year. Make sure you don’t miss out! 


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product media blog header

IT3775_04C_P-14) Sonora plus recycled paper notebook + pen

It’s pretty common to be able to recycle your notebook. Just throw it in the paper bin and you’re done, right? Wrong! Some notebooks can’t be recycled due to their cover, or any fixtures or fittings. With pens, it’s even more difficult when it comes to recycling. That’s why we love this notebook and pen combo made from recycled paper and biodegradable plastic parts. Just remove the ink from the pen and voila! Completely recyclable.


5) Senator nature plus ballpen2796_Nature_Plus_-_Range_Shot_(with_Pantones)

We love keeping things simple, and so apparently, do you! That’s why our beloved biodegradable ballpen made from bioplastic is a popular product this ye


6) Bamboo cub 

One of the best sustainable options you could go for if you’re looking to up your pen game.


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Green giveaways 

7) Recycled new pound trolley coin keyringTR12-CHA002

With £1 coins disappearing faster than the office biscuit stash, a trolley coin is essential for that weekly trip to the supermarket. It’s also made in the UK from recycled plastic. 



8) Green & Good standard seed packet

We have an array of seed packets (from flowers to herbs) that can be branded full colour to the front and the back - helping your brand grow!


9) Seedball matchbox boston_scientific

How cute are these little matchboxes?! Fully brandable and made from 100% recycled cardboard, these awesome little matchboxes contain 6 seedballs. These are a super simple way to grow plants from seed as the ball design naturally protects them from common seed predators - we’re looking at you, Mr Robin!


Midi-Eco-Pot_skittles10) Eco range - eco midi pot - skittles

Skittles are the tastiest of the rainbows by far! We love these midi plastic-free eco pots filled with Skittles - for a rainbow, you can snack on. And, as these pots are made from plant-based materials rather than plastic, they can be disposed of in commercial food waste recycling or compost.


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Sustainable conference accessories 

11) Real metal name badges with clear dome finish 50-9630

A name badge is a must when it comes to attending conferences. When meeting new people, it’s always handy to have your name front and centre. These real metal name badges can be printed in full colour and come with an attractive clear dome finish. Packaged with eco pack ( a sustainable packaging solution) and paper-based packaging - they’re completely plastic-free!


12) Plant It paper business cards

These have to be one of our most popular business card ideas yet! Plant It paper business cards are great for incorporating some green fun into your brand.


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Sustainable luxury gifts 

13) 500ml Ocean Bottle group_bottles_trans_1_1_

Ocean Bottle's award-winning flawless design makes it the perfect companion to avoid single-use plastic every day, forever. 

  • It’s dishwasher-proof, so it’s super easy to keep clean between adventures, and it has a dual opening for easy filling, drinking, and cleaning.
  • It’s leakproof, so you can throw it in a rucksack or attach it to your bike; your drink’s going nowhere.
  • It keeps your hot liquids hot and your cold, cold, maintaining the integrity of your favourite beverage for longer. 

And for every Ocean Bottle you purchase, 11.4kg of plastic (the equivalent of 1,000 plastic bottles) will be collected, sorted, and recycled! 

14) Bobby Hero Regular, Anti-Theft Backpack

The Bobby Hero backpack will give you peace of mind when travelling with your most prized possessions. 

  • It has cut-proof protection and hidden zipper closures & pockets that’ll keep your belongings super safe and well hidden. 
  • It also has an integrated USB charging port, water-repellent fabric, illuminating safety strips, and a luggage strap - everything you need for your next adventure. 
  • On the inside, there are padded compartments for a 15.6” laptop, tablet up to 12.9”, and all your other belongings. 

Each Bobby Hero regular saves 16 litres of water and reuses 28 plastic bottles when made. We like to call this our ‘safety superhero’ of a backpack. 

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