Get your merch summer picnic ready

Get your merch summer picnic ready

Boost your brand with dreamy picnic merch this summer! 

In the midst of long summer days, it’s time to reignite the UK’s love of excellent picnic merch. 

From socialising with your team, throwing a relaxed summer soirée for clients, or celebrating sporting successes, there’s a perfect picnic plan for all occasions. 

And Gen Z is a big supporter of the traditional picnic. Searches for ‘picnic date ideas’ have increased by a whopping 385% this year alone! Your new starters will just love your brand’s authentic take on finger sandwiches and crisps (seriously!). 

Plus, they’re not only popular with Gen Z, but they’re also great for boosting talent retention, too. Is there anything a good picnic can’t solve?

Ready to embrace the quintessential picnic trend in your summer campaign strategy? 

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Why you should incorporate picnics into your campaign strategy

Picnics are amazing. Not only can you chill with your colleagues and a selection of tasty snacks, but they’re a creative way to encourage talent retention

Yep, company benefits are lovely (we’re looking at you, birthdays off), but did you know up to 90% of employees leave a company based on reasons other than money? 

picnic image

By offering an annual (or weekly, BIG picnic fans here) work picnic, you’re giving your employees a whole host of benefits, for very little effort at all.

  • You're encouraging department integration - ever wondered what Sue in accounts was really like? Find out at the company picnic! 
  • You’ll boost employee morale -  72% of employees with a best bud in the workplace felt more satisfied with their role than those that didn’t - and there’s no better way to truly get to know your colleagues over a picnic blanket and nibbles.
  • Your staff will be more engaged  - newbies and pillar members of your team will 100% reignite their passion for your brand over a cucumber sandwich (and with highly engaged teams having a 21% greater profitability, it’s a win-win for all!).
  • You'll boost your brand appeal - Company picnics are great social sharing content. Seeing the big CEO chilling in his chinos is the pinnacle of a positive work environment.
  • They're FUN - the most important point ever. 

With so many awesome reasons to dig out your ol’ picnic blanket and dust off the travel wine glasses, it might be the perfect time to restock your branded picnic essentials.


Popular picnic picks

Picnic essentials MO6193_40

1. Mimbre wicker picnic basket
No picnic would be complete without a brandable picnic basket! It’s in the name.


2. Park water and dirt-resistant picnic blanket19538702 (1)
Come rain or shine (fingers crossed), stop soggy bottoms in their tracks with this water and dirt-resistant picnic blanket. 


3. High park picnic bag
All the picnic essentials you’ll ever need in one handy backpack. 


4. HARMONY All Seasons cloth OX-HA1810-000-02_orange_OX-HA1810-000-02_Harmony_orange_folded
Handmade by women in a small Turkish village, we love this best-selling blanket from Oxious. The name ‘Harmony’ symbolizes the harmony between man and nature - what could be better for a picnic? 



5. Party speaker cooler bagp422.131__b_1__5a91a54f8afa47269b8cfadaeb3ee0bb-1
With enough space for all your picnic essentials, plus an integrated (but removable) colour-changing LED light speaker, you can make those magical summer picnics last with our party speaker cooler bag.


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Delightful travel mugs & bottles pal mug

6. Pal mug
Our pal mug is double insulated to keep hot drinks hot until the final sip, perfect for a summer picnic. It’s puncture-resistant and rust-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor adventures. 

7. Ukiyo borosilicate glass P432.709__B_1__8fec28e686fc44e1af4021300c67ecc9_1
You don’t have to miss out on your boujee afternoon coffee fix just because you’re at a picnic! We love this borosilicate glass mug with a silicone lid and sleeve. 


8. 500ml Ocean Bottle group_bottles_trans_1_1_-1
From collecting 11.4kgs of plastic with every purchase to helping to improve social mobility all over the world, Ocean Bottle’s 500ml bottle isn’t just any bottle, it’s “hydration with a heart”. Aww!


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Ocean Bottle 


Tasty reusable cutlery en6113774243295

9. Bottle opener
Is there anything more iconic than a pretty bottle opener during the UK summertime? 


10. Savanna stainless steel lunchbox 600ml MO9967_40 (1)
Keep your picnic snacks fresh with your very own stainless steel lunchbox.


11. Soll foldable picnic table 11328106_1
Elevate your corporate picnic to new heights with a foldable picnic table *with* wine glass holes (we really do think of everything). 


12. Reusable bamboo travel cutlery set P269.539__B_1_1-1
No one likes sticky fingers, so remember to bring your reusable bamboo cutlery set. 


13. Ukiyo bamboo rectangle serving board P261.039__B_1__20bc5794b7a94359b41869ac1527f986_1
Make those picnic social pictures pop with this engravable bamboo serving board.



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Delicious snacks

14. Snackers Stash thesnackersstashgiftbox
Make your corporate picnic the most eco-friendly yet with our Snackers Stash. Full of wondrous eco-friendly brands that we’re sure you can’t wait to get stuck into, our ultimate snack pack empowers small-scale farmers. A real feel-good picnic necessity. 


15. Eco pot stackers: sweets mix Eco-Pot-Sweet-Mix-2
You’ve got to have a lil’ something sweet when on a picnic. Opt for our sweet eco pot stackers that can be branded with a full-colour card wrap. 


16. Gift boxes: picnic edition PicnicBox_OpenBox_NEW
Perfect for kids and adults alike. Keep those peckish feelings at bay with our picnic edition snack box. 



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Get summer picnic ready

We’re here to help your summer marketing campaigns make that ultimate brand impact with promotional merchandise. 

Whether that’s with an awesome picnic or a beach-themed extravaganza, we’ve got you covered when it comes to choosing the best product media. 

For more of this year’s sizzling summer merch, download your free brochure now, or get in touch for your free consultation with one of our Merchandise Consultants.  

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