Are you ready for Plastic Free July?

plastic Free July

It’s time to say NO to single-use plastics - finally! 

Even if this is something that’s been on your radar for a while, or it’s the first time you’re hearing about it, reducing the single-use plastic in your life has never been more important - or easier. 

And July is the perfect time to start changing things up thanks to Plastic Free July

There are so many simple ways you can minimise your plastic usage in your daily routine. From changing up the way you shop to choosing better products - there are some amazing alternatives to plastic available. 

And we’ll be right alongside you! We want to break the stigma around the merchandising industry, to be leaders in an eco-revolution shaking product media to its core. Saying no to single-use plastics is just the start. 

Why not join the global movement of people protecting the planet against plastic?

Take a peek at what we’ve been up to 

What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July is a super movement of amazing people wanting to reduce their plastic usage - all over the world!  

From the beginning of 2011in far-flung Western Australia to now, the movement has inspired over 100 million people in over 190 countries to participate in helping rid our streets and our oceans of harmful plastic. 

Their ethos: small changes make a BIG collective difference.

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When is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July runs every July, and everyone all over the world can participate. 

However, what’s great about Plastic Free July is that hopefully, you’ll learn new ways to minimise your plastic usage and adopt habits you can keep beyond July. 

Plastic Free July can be life-changing.

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Why you should care about plastic

1. It’s harming our oceans 
If you’ve watched Blue Planet 2, you’ll already know that we dump eight million tonnes of plastic into the sea every year, which is the same as five bags of plastic every foot of the coastline. Not very beach vibes, is it? 

Sadly, it’s not just us suffering, either. Turtles eat plastic bags thinking they’re jellyfish, and plastic has now been found in the stomachs of creatures in the deepest depths of the ocean. 

Not only that, but seabirds are also stuffing themselves on our plastic waste, too. 

Every minute, the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into the ocean, which then causes plastic to become lodged in our coral reefs and severely damage their health - a habitat that hundreds, if not thousands, of different species. 

If we don’t do anything about our plastic epidemic, there’ll be 12 billion tonnes of plastic in our oceans by 2050.

Things need to change, and FAST. 

2. We’re running out of space 
In 2019, there was an enormous 95.1 billion tonnes of waste being created by us. 

Let that just sink in. 

More than 50% of this was then sent to landfill, with the rest of it burnt up in incinerators (releasing planet-warming gases - great). 

A whopping 75% of plastic ends up in landfills; historically, only 9% has ever been recycled. 

We are quite literally being smothered by our plastic waste. Ew.

3. Microplastics are a BIG problem 
Oh, and microplastics are now in our food chain, so that’s fun. They’re eaten by animals like plankton, which is then passed up the food chain – to us. You could literally be munching on plastic right now!

4. It lasts FOREVER 
Seriously, plastic lasts forever. It’ll take 1,000 years for your plastic shopping bag to break down, and 450 years for your plastic water bottles. They’ll long outlive us, their environmental damage lasting decades. 

"By investing in TURN, Live Nation is able to make events at our venues and festivals more sustainable. By rolling out real-world solutions at scale we hope this helps the whole industry find solutions.” 
Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino. 

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Cut the plastic with these clever merch swaps 

1. Swap plastic bottles for reusable water bottles 
Did you know, on average, 481.6 BILLION plastic bottles are used every year? Think about the impact your brand could have if you opted for branded reusable water bottles

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2. Switch plastic single-use cups for reusable pint cups 
Plastic single-use cups are awful for the planet and your brand. They’re made to be disposed of, so why brand something you’ll throw away? We love these reusable half-pint cups instead for some proper branding oompf. 

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3. Refuse a paper coffee cup and remember your reusable one
We’ve all been there. We want the best for the environment and to reduce our plastic waste, but you just can’t say no to your morning takeaway coffee. Well, what if we told you there was a way to still enjoy your daily treat whilst still helping the planet? 

Fall in love with our reusable coffee cups

travel mug

4. Forget plastic bags, opt for a tote instead
Shockingly, those bags in your cupboard will be around forever. Never be without a bag again by keeping a reusable tote with you at all times. 

We’re tote-lly addicted to these.

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5. Say no to single-use cutlery - reusable cutlery is the best
Single-use cutlery sucks. It snaps. It breaks. It makes food taste… wrong. Keep some branded reusable cutlery in your bag for those rogue snack attacks. 

Peep these tasty reusable utensils

Reusable Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set

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6. Everyone has a plastic pen - be different with bamboo 
Pens make great promo merch. There’s no doubt about it - they’re a classic. BUT, everyone has seen a plastic pen. Cool. Yep. What’s new? What’s better for the environment? Swap out your branded plastic pens for these gorgeous sustainable bamboo ones. Hint: they look fantastic engraved. 

Grow your brand with these bamboo pens.

bamboo pen set

7. Scrap plastic packaging ask about our eco-friendly options
Sometimes, your product can be amazing, but the packaging is just a lil lacklustre. plus, it’s often made from plastic - eugh. That’s why we love offering eco-friendly packaging options when we can. 

Take a sneak peek at these awesome eco-packaged gift boxes.

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8. Miss plastic straws? Check out these reusable ones
You’ve got your cocktail. Check. You’ve got your mini umbrella. Check. You’ve got your straw - wait. No. Don’t get down-heartened that your favourite cocktail no longer has that pizazz, we’ve got something even better than a plastic straw: reusable ones. 

Suck it up and check these out.

metal straws

9. Polyester clothing is so last season, what you want is recycled cotton
If your brand is on it, you want it to be the best, right? We’ve got the perfect solution: clothing made from 100% cotton (50% recycled cotton and 50% organic). We shouldn’t be wearing plastic, we’re not bottles. 

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Are you ready to give your merch a plastic detox?

At Fluid, we’re all about sharing meaningful merchandise that tells your story your way. 

We want to celebrate merchandise that inspires you, that takes your brand to new heights. 

Opting for more plastic-free merchandise is one way to do just that. It’s a movement your brand can be proud to support! 

If you’d like to discuss more clever merchandise swaps for traditional plastic items or about any other sustainable merchandise, chat with one of our Merchandise Consultants today. 

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