You’re going to LOVE these cosy sustainable clothing brands

You’re going to LOVE these cosy sustainable clothing brands

Isn’t it time we wear with care?

Perfect for both your WFH attire or weekend lounging, we’ve got your winter wardrobe sorted with some superb sustainable promotional merchandise choices

From t-shirts to sweatshirts and joggers, we’re all about comfort when the weather starts to turn chilly. 

But, wouldn’t you feel even cosier if your clothing was part of a feel-good story, too? 

It’s all about being 100% comfortable in what you’re wearing, and trusting what you’re sharing with others is 100% true, with no hidden surprises. 

Check out some of our favourite winter clothing ranges below, for clothing you can believe in. 

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9 branded sustainable clothing ideas



Oxious are making big changes in the textile industry - for all the right reasons.

Oxious is a Netherlands-based supplier producing high-quality textiles. They’re B-Corp certified (just like us!) and are the first company in the world to reach a sustainable AA ranking by the Global Sustainable Enterprise System. 

Their studio is situated in the small village of Kızılcabölük, Turkey. The area is renowned for its gender inequality, with Turkey ranked as one of the lowest countries in the world when it comes to gender parity. 

Thanks to working in a supportive environment, Oxious’ growing team of women are paid fair wages and have access to their well-deserved worker rights. They’re able to learn new technical skills and socialise, and two women have even passed their driving tests (making them the first women in their village to do so!). 

Oxious are enabling women to not only survive but thrive.

We love their... Bright scarf OX-SH2310-000-04_Bright_navy_OX-SH2310-000-04_shawl_navy_round

Bright is a soft, timeless scarf with a classic herringbone pattern. It’s unisex, in neutral colours, that invites you to enjoy the outdoors, even in the colder months. 

This scarf is created from recycled textiles combined with soft, natural, unbleached cotton.

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Neutral clothing

Neutral Clothing vowed to change the clothing industry for the better.

They wanted to create a product that was more sustainable, one where conditions were fairer for workers, one that was kinder to the environment. 

It’s becoming increasingly important for clothing brands to be able to prove that what they’re doing is actually making a positive difference - no greenwashing here, thanks! 

We love their...Fairtrade & organic cotton classic beanieO93055

This 100% GOTS-certified organic fairtrade cotton beanie is made using renewable energy - it’ll be the best gift ever for an outdoors lover, keeping them warm all the way through to spring. 


…and their Ladies Fairtrade & Organic Cotton Zipped HoodieO83301

This hoodie is made from 100% GOTS-certified organic Fairtrade cotton using renewable energy in good safe working conditions. And great news: it’s vegan-approved!


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It’s stylish and cosy clothing, at its best.

The Iqoniq range is all about backing up claims with hard and fast facts, ones that are easily accessible to all. It’s about providing you with the confidence to know exactly what your t-shirt is made from, plus where it’s come from, and the environmental impact your garment has had (at every stage of its life!). 

That’s why we’re so excited to share Iqoniq’s range with you: a selection of beautifully crafted, clothing items that are sure to elevate your brand to whole new levels of comfort. 

Made from 100% cotton, it's cosy clothing, doing more. Made from 50% recycled cotton, and 50% organic, Iqoniq blends the fibres together to create unique designs of muted colours with a big impact.


We love their…Iqoniq Yoho Recycled Cotton Relaxed HoodieT9402.005.SD10063737d66682d4dca8c32b7dde35ff850_1

It’s time to relax and get cosy in this stunning Iqoniq recycled cotton hoodie. 
The inside of it is a soft-brushed fleece for extra comfort, plus the rest of the hoodie is made from 100% cotton - 50% recycled and 50% organic.  


…and their Iqoniq Denali Recycled Cotton Crew Neck UndyedT9301.018.4XLB23be0a85834a84ef58adf3de1b7bac405_1

Using recycled cotton already saves precious resources, but with the undyed styles, the savings are even greater! We have blended recycled cotton in its existing colour with virgin organic cotton, and this creates the beautiful heather mélange effect. This crew neck is perfect for throwing over any outfit for that winter walk.


Oh, and don’t miss their… Iqoniq Cooper Recycled Cotton JoggersT9500.014.LS06322cdfd042e478da5ac2dca2dac53d5

And we don’t just do jumpers! Get the full cosy effect with a pair of recycled cotton joggers, too.


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Impact collection

We believe that sustainability starts with transparency - that when we tell you that a product is sustainable, it really truly is.

With this sustainably transparent range of products, you can be sure that you are making a positive impact with every purchase. 

The IMPACT collection is a line of great quality products that aims to make a positive impact on our industry’s use of water.

Water is a worldwide issue, from the melting Arctic to dried outlands, and the consequences are found all over the world. By 2025, 50% of the world’s population will experience so-called ‘water stress’, having to deal with a lack of sufficient and ready-to-use water. Water is crucial to our existence, and it needs protecting.

Choosing products from this collection will also support with a 2% donation on every IMPACT product sold.

We love their…Impact Aware double-knitted beanieP453.395B12543eca65ffc473bb753e2e691a7fe4f

You’ll love this beautiful double-layered beanie, especially now it’s getting colder! This knitted beanie contains Polylana® which is a low-impact alternative to 100% acrylic fibre. This means that it takes less energy and water to make the beanie, saving 5.5 litres of water per hat. Also, 2% of the proceeds of each Impact product sold will be donated to Amazing!

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Notjust is standing up to our throwaway culture.

Notjust Clothing is a registered social enterprise built up of socially conscious creatives. Based in the UK, everything they produce is designed and created with sustainability in mind.  

Since Notjust started out in 2017, they've been committed to creating ethical and sustainable clothing that drives positive social impact. They believe that every little change can lead to a big impact. By creating all their garments domestically, Notjust ensures that ethical working conditions and fair wages are provided for workers. By producing garments in the UK, they ensure carbon emissions from transport are kept low, too. All the packing used for their jumpers is completely biodegradable. 

It’s not just clothing, anymore, it’s a movement.

We love their… bespoke Christmas jumpers NJC_1A5A1263-6109_(1)-2
Spread your brand this Christmas as well as festive cheer with a bespoke knitted Christmas jumper from Notjust! 

Designed, knitted, and hand-finished in the UK by Notjust, get ready to enjoy the festive season in a high-quality, fun and ethically sustainable garment for your staff and customers.

… and their knitted Christmas jumper NJC_1A5A0348-5388_150e0acd-255b-4a28-b5b0-f98115787602
This sleek, Scandinavian-inspired Nordic knit lets you blend into the background while simultaneously setting yourself apart from the crowd. 

It’s a fresh take on a classic design. It’s simple but stylish.


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Wear with care

It’s time to make a difference with the clothing you wear this winter. From that warm, fuzzy feeling of a cosy hoodie to that heartwarming buzz of knowing your choices are helping people and the planet alike. 

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Download: Products with a Positive Impact brochure


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