You’ll never believe what these eco brands are doing

Answer: amazing things! 

We cannot get over the amount of awesome UK eco brands available nowadays that are doing amazing things for the planet and people. 

With the start of 2023 well underway, we’re here to help you achieve your new year goal of making more conscious, sustainable everyday choices. 

From homeware to skincare, fashion to food, our top favourite eco brands are making a difference right now. Quote Posts (Square) (1) (1)

The best eco-brands of 2023 (so far)

2023 is the year to reach your sustainability goals at home and for your brand. 

Did you know we also work with a whole range of B Corps and social enterprises? 

As a certified B Corp ourselves, we're proud to work with fellow B Corps and social enterprises to bring you a range of merchandise that truly makes a difference to the wider community and environment.

Our brochure features a range of amazing products that can help your brand give whilst giving back - plus the unique stories behind all these great brands we work with.

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Sustainable homeware brands


ecovative logo 1) Ecovative Design

A solution to our biggest ecological threat: plastic pollution. Ecovative Design uses its innovative mycelium technology (derived from mushrooms) to remove the need for harmful plastic. They are biodegradable by design, and a waste-free alternative to household plastics. 


solubag logo2) Solubag

Another ingenious solution to our plastic waste problem. Solubag is creating biodegradable bags that’ll hopefully replace plastic bags in the near future!



Oxious logo3) Oxious

Oxious is a Netherlands-based supplier producing high-quality textiles. They’re B Corp certified (just like us!) and are the first company in the world to reach a sustainable AA ranking by the Global Sustainable Enterprise System. They want to be a leading source of inspiration for others to take action, and together, accelerate the movement toward a more sustainable economy.


pal-logo4) Power a Life

Power a Life gift light. Think about how often you switch on a light when it gets dark, and how much you rely on them to get things done. Schoolchildren in developing countries don’t have that luxury. With many not having a single source of light at home, doing their homework is not only difficult, but it’s also impossible. That’s where Power a Life comes in to (quite literally) shine a light and solve the problems.


 who gives logo5) Who Gives a Crap 

Finally - toilet paper that’s good for you and for the environment. Launched in 2012, Who Gives a Crap is a toilet paper subscription service helping to improve toilets and sanitation worldwide, saving lives and making the world a better place - one sheet at a time. No biggie.


smol logo6) Smol 

Have you ever thought about how much plastic waste your cleaning products create? From bottles, packaging and wrapping, there’s a lot of excessive plastic when it comes to daily household goods. That’s why Smol is set on combatting the plastic crisis with more sustainable cleaning options delivered straight to your door. 

Eco-friendly clothing brands


Patagonia wornwear7) Patagonia’s Worn & Wear 
With 85% of clothing ending up in landfills, Patagonia wants to do everything it can to stop this fast-fashion epidemic. Their Worn & Wear programme is all about celebrating 2nd-hand clothing, where pieces can be repaired, traded in, or shoppers can purchase preloved items. 

It’s time to bring your favourite Patagonia piece back to life! 


peopletree logo8) People Tree 

Clothing with the highest ethical and environmental standards. Contemporary, versatile and stylish, People Tree are about being the best for people and, well, trees. Their mission: to protect the environment and use natural resources suitably, and of course, create an amazing quality product. 


pela logo9) Pela

It’s simple: Pela exists with the sole purpose of creating a waste-free future. They make phone cases with a goal - to limit the amount of plastic ending up in our seas, on our beaches, and in our homes. Made out of compostable, biodegradable natural resources, Pela phone cases can go back into the soil once you upgrade your phone - feeding the next generation of sustainable phone cases. It’s a big thumbs up for circular design fitting into our modern consumer needs. 


toms logo

10) Toms

The pioneer of The One for OneⓇ, Toms gives away one pair of shoes for every pair bought. This helps to support larger health, education, and community development programs through strategic partnerships. They also give a third of their profits to grassroots projects. Oh, did we mention they’re a B Corp, too? These will be the best pair of shoes you’ll ever buy, that’s for sure. 


finisterre logo11) Finisterre  

A brand that creates functional, but sustainable, clothing for those who love the sea (the, err, cold, brisk, wild British sea). They make items that last. With their focus on sustainable fabrics (such as ECONYLⓇ), marine-safe packaging and their partnership with Re-Skinned, Finisterre believes that the most sustainable product is the one you already own. 


Environmentally-friendly kitchen brands 


circular and co logo12) Circular & Co.

We love Circular & Co., and with us being a B Corp (you can read more about this here), we love to support anyone who puts the planet before profits. We believe that Circular & Co., and companies like them, are the future of merchandise - a future we’re very excited about! 


oceanbottle logo13) Ocean Bottle

With 22 million kgs of plastic entering our oceans every day, it’s estimated that by 2030 the weight of plastic in our oceans will double. Ocean Bottle wants to stop this. With every Ocean Bottle you buy, 11.4kg of plastic (the equivalent of over 1,000 plastic bottles) will be collected, sorted, and recycled! This means they’ll no longer end up in our oceans. Hooray! 


this logo14) THIS

Plant-based meat alternatives are great, and THIS is leading the way in changing people’s perceptions of what plant-based meats really are (using the most persuasive of weapons: our own tastebuds). 

They’ve recently become a certified B Corp (the only UK meat alternative brand to do so), and their products reduce the average CO2 levels from production from 33.8kg (beef) to just 2.58kg. THIS is better for you, and the planet, too! B Corp business


harryspecters logo15) Harry Specters 
Harry Specters makes chocolate. Not just any chocolate - delicious chocolate that makes a difference. For every £1 spent at Harry Specters, 69p directly improves the lives of young autistic people and their families through paid employment, free work experience, and excellent free training opportunities. Currently, 78% of autistic adults are unemployed, and it’s time to make a difference. 


Sustainable self-care


bodyshop_116) The Body Shop 

The Body Shop joined the B Corp team back in 2019, becoming one of the largest global B Corps around at the time. They now reflect a Triple Bottom Line business, meaning they strive to balance people, planet, and profit. Dame Anita Roddick, The Body Shop’s founder notes, “Business shapes the world. It is capable of changing society in any way you can imagine”. 


wild logo17) Wild

Because of their iconic influencer marketing strategy, you’ve probably already heard of Wild. If not, they’re a natural deodorant brand shaking up our throwaway culture. We all want to smell nice, but traditional deodorants come with a lot of waste. Their packaging, their chemical make-up, etc. etc. With Wild, you don’t have to worry about any of that, as it’s deodorant for LIFE. They’ve already diverted 80 tonnes of throw away deodorants from landfill, and we can’t wait to see what they achieve next. 


lush logo18) Lush

Natural cosmetics for that fresh, feel-good feeling. Lush is all about fighting against animal testing (it just isn’t acceptable, okay), moving towards naked products (packaging is rubbish), and their ultimate dream is to become a fully circular business. Overall, they want to leave the world Lusher than they found it.  


wearth logo19) Wearth 
Your one-stop-shop for all things eco! From natural beauty products and zero-waste essentials to vegan-friendly fashion, Wearth is like your local sustainable market. Just online - and huge. It makes shopping eco easy, with the ethos that small changes lead to a big difference.



Change is happening (yay!)

Are you excited? Change IS happening for a sustainable future and we can’t wait! 

At Fluid, we’re all about sharing meaningful merchandise that tells your story. Merchandise that inspires you to explore your brand in new monumental ways. 

You can download our B Corp & Social Enterprise brochure to see the great brands we work with, or get in touch today to chat about how we can help your brand be better for the planet in 2023.

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